Honeywell Thermostat Buying Guide

Honeywell Thermostat Programming

Which Honeywell Thermostat is Right for You?

We live in a fast-paced world where almost everything can be accessed at your fingertips in seconds- so why should your thermostat settings be any different? Honeywell makes your life easier by bringing that same level of control with their Wi-Fi Thermostats. Control your thermostat settings remotely via smartphone, tablet, or computer and ensure your home is always how you like it. Honeywell offers a variety of Wi-Fi capable thermostat options to suit your needs.

Wi-Fi Smart Digital Thermostat

Wifi Thermostat

Maintain the comfort of your home from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection or the free app to control this thermostat. Packed with smart features, this thermostat is perfect for the connected home. Using a simple touch screen, you can also change the background color to match your paint color or personal preference.

  • Smart features like a customizable, colorful touch screen
  • Smart Response feature automatically learns your heating/cooling cycles and adjusts to deliver the right temperature at the right time
  • Total Connect Comfort voice command
  • Seven-day programming
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Indoor humidity sensor
  • Easy DIY installation

Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Digital Thermostat

Lyric T5 Thermostat

Using location-based temperature control on a Wi-Fi connected platform, Lyric T5 Thermostat knows when you’re away, when you’re returning, and helps make you comfortable upon your arrival. It's easy to install and can be programmed based on your schedule, or it can adapt to your life as plans change. It knows how long it takes your home to get to the right temperature, saving you money on your energy bills.

  • Apple HomeKit & Amazon Echo enabled
  • Geofence technology
  • Seven-day programming
  • Smart Alert reminders

Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell Wi-Fi 7 Day Programmable Thermostat

From your connected device, control the comforts of your home from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi or on the app. The Wi-Fi 7-Day Thermostat connects to your home’s Wi-Fi connection to give you remote access from any Wi-Fi-enabled device. From your connected device, you can program for comfort and energy savings.

  • Seven-day programming with four programs for each day
  • Total Connect Comfort voice command
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Smart Response
  • Auto change from heating to cooling
  • Automatic software updates

Lyric Wi-Fi Programmable Digital Thermostat

Lyric Wi-Fi Thermostat

The latest innovation in automated smart thermostats. Life is busy. No two days are alike, that’s why this thermostat automatically adapts to you making sure it’s perfect for when you return. Using geofencing, the Lyric app will automatically know when your house is empty or when someone is home. When you cross the geofencing boundary, Lyric uses your smart phone location to automatically change your thermostat to your preferred home or away settings. Lyric can help you save when you're away and keep you comfortable when you're at home!

  • Beautiful design with round, polished glass face
  • Simple Touch Screen
  • Uses Lyric geofencing to know where you are
  • When humidity changes, Lyric sends you notifications letting you know if your temperature is too high or too low.
  • Apple HomeKit and SmartThings enabled

The Power of Connected

Comfortable Family

Honeywell has designed a series of thermostats that give you the maximum control to not only help you save money on your energy bills, but to also conveniently work with anyone’s lifestyle. Don’t worry about coming home to a cold house any longer. When you purchase a Wi-Fi thermostat, it adapts to you making life more simple and comfortable than ever!

Where Can I Buy Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats?

Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats are sold at and at your local Do it Best store. Shop online or stop in today!